What to Look for in a Water Damage Restoration Company
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Water Damage Restoration

What to Look for in a Water Damage Restoration Company

So your business or home has suffered damage from a flood or water — do you know what to look for in a damage restoration company? While many companies may offer water damage restoration, not all companies are created equally.

In fact, the water damage restoration company you choose is directly related to the water damage cleanup, restoration, and prevention of mold. Instead of leaving it to chance, it’s best to know what to look for in a water damage restoration company. Continue reading to learn a few key attributes you should look for in the best water damage restoration company.

What’s the Company's Availability?

Unfortunately, burst pipes and other types of accidents never seem to happen on schedule — unless it’s scheduled to be the least convenient time possible. As a result, it’s vital the water damage restoration company offers 24/7, around-the-clock solutions. Companies who offer around-the-clock availability are much more likely to be a reputable and trustworthy. You’ll be hard pressed to find a scammer or con artist who is willing to be awake and available 24-hours a day.

In addition, make sure the company you choose will be available to start as quickly as possible. Any water restoration company understands the importance of expediency when it comes to flood and water damage. Because mold can start to form in as little as 24 to 48 hours following the presence of water, it’s vital the company you choose is available when you need them and will start as quickly as possible.

Does the Water Damage Restoration Company Offer Complimentary Services?

Water damage hardly ever happens in a vacuum. Instead, water damage is usually directly related with mold remediation and removal. Water damage restoration may also require different reconstruction services to restore your property.

For instance, if your home has flood damage and several porous surfaces were soaked in the event like drywall, this drywall will most likely need to be removed. Why? Following a flood, porous surfaces — like drywall — can house living mold spores, which usually means it must be removed. Once the drywall has been removed, it’s much more convenient to have an experienced contractor on hand, ready to rebuild your home. UpRite Plus 2 offers a vast range of related services including:

Instead of having to make several calls to different contractors, one call to UpRite Plus 2 can quickly restore your peace of mind.

Look for Accreditations and Certifications in the Best Water Restoration Company

Even though the water restoration process should commence as quickly as possible, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do due diligence. Instead, it’s best to verify their accreditation and certifications. Any credible water damage contractor should readily offer you documentation of certifications and accreditation from relevant organizations.

How Long Has the Water Cleanup Contractor Been in Business?

Few things will tell you more about a water damage contractor than the number of years they have been in business. Make sure you look for professionals with several years of experience within the industry. You should also look for contractors who have successfully handled water damage cases that are worse than yours.

In addition to the number of years they have been in business, what’s their reputation? One excellent place to start is by asking close family members and friends for referrals. If this doesn’t yield any results, you can always perform a standard Google search or check with review sites like Angie's List or Yelp for unbiased performance reviews.

How Close is the Water Damage Company to You?

If you’re facing a flood or a busted pipe that has drenched your basement, the last thing you want to do is find a contractor that lives hundreds of miles away from you. Unfortunately, when you choose a large franchise water damage restoration company, this may be the case. These types of companies can take several days to get to your home, during which mold will have already formed.

When the property has a mold infestation, it will require even more extensive services, like mold remediation as well as potential rebuilding of structures. Yet, you can reduce the chances of mold forming in your home or business by choosing a local water damage restoration company. In addition, you can increase the chances of salvaging your most valuable possessions by contacting a local water damage restoration contractor..

Make Sure the Company Is Insured & Bonded

In this business, accidents happen. And if a contractor has an accident while restoring your home or business from water damage, you shouldn’t be expected to foot their medical bills. However, you may be staging yourself for this exact scenario by hiring a contractor who doesn’t have the proper insurances. Make sure you only hire insured and bonded water removal companies. The company you choose should be bonded and licensed to comply with all policies concerning the professional operation of a mitigation company.

What to Look for in a Water Damage Restoration Company? Contact UpRite Plus 2!

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About the Author Thomas Marr

Offering nearly four decades of industry experience in restoration, mold remediation, and reconstruction, Thomas G. Marr is the president and CEO of ite Plus 2. He holds two certifications from the Florida Mold Institute — Certified Professional Mold Inspector and Certified Professional Mold Remediator — as well as a long list of other industry-recognized certifications. He brings brings a unique set of skills and expertise in all matters of flood, fire, and mold remediation, which has proven to be invaluable to businesses and homeowners throughout the New York area.

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