Need More Space? Think of Lifting Your House to Build a Basement!
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Lifting Your House

Need More Space? Think of Lifting Your House to Build a Basement!

Whatever your reasons for needing more space, lifting your house to build a basement will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you need to add a story to your home, don’t waste money and time unnecessarily removing and rebuilding a perfectly sound roof — not to mention the process of remodeling the space underneath the roof. Instead, the experts at UpRitePlus 2 can elevate your home to new heights and create the basement space of your dreams.

One method of lifting your house to build a basement involves raising the structure anywhere between 9 and 12 feet. Once raised, we’ll create a new flooring system within your existing foundation walls and set the exterior frame walls. After the bearing points are established, the UpRitePlus 2 crew will design your new basement to your exact specifications. Continue reading for a few of the top reasons you should consider lifting your house to build a basement.

Lift Your House to Elevate Your ROI

Depending on the features and parameters of your basement, it may or may not be considered “livable square footage.” In either case, it offers an exceptional return on investment! How much? On average, finishing a basement or remodeling a basement in the United States averages returns anywhere from 70 to 75% on the investment. Most importantly, lifting your house to build a basement and finishing that basement can add a new level of functionality to your home, such as:

  • More bedrooms
  • More space to entertain guests
  • More efficient storage
  • And…more!

Lift Your House to Build a New Bedroom

Lifting your house to build a basement will immediately increase the size of your home. What you do with this space is entirely up to you! In many instances, homeowners use the newly constructed basement space to add one or more than one additional bedrooms. And the addition of bedroom space can significantly increase the value of your property, serve as space for kids returning home from college, or anything else.  

Add Space – Even if Zoning Codes Don’t Allow Additions

Based on the size of your home lot, you may have a range of zoning restrictions preventing you from making certain types of additions to your home. Far too often, homeowners are prohibited from expanding the property out because it may take your home too close to neighbors. If you can’t expand outward, we may be able to lift your house to build a basement and get you the additional space you need.

Elevate Your Income

Whether you’re looking to keep your home or flip it for a profit, the basement can be a means to the desired end. In particular, you can use the newly renovated space as a rental unit to generate additional cash flow. And if you decide to sell the property, the rental space can be a powerful selling point to potential buyers looking to lighten the load of the mortgage. The income generated from the rental could be used to pay for a portion or the entire monthly mortgage.

Lift Your House to Build More Livable Space

Have you been looking for space for your man cave or she shed? Or are you looking for space where your kids can unwind and cut loose? Whatever your spatial needs demand, a basement is the one space that’s flexible and versatile enough to accommodate them.

We can lift your house to build a basement or lift your house to transform your current crawlspace into a full basement. Then this previously dreary and dark space can be morphed into a spacious kids play area, full-fledge entertainment center, movie theatre, in-home gym, or retreat for visiting guests. Whatever and however you decide to use the space, you can make it your own.

Have a Low Basement or Crawlspace? Lift It to New Heights!

Do you already have a basement — sort of — with low ceilings? Or do you have a crawlspace or partial basement you’re looking to get additional utility from? In either case, UpRitePlus 2 can lift your house to build and extend your basement. We can either support your home where it currently is and excavate, or raise your home to the elevation that provides you with the head room you desire.

Contact UpRitePlus 2 for Comprehensive Construction Solutions

At UpRitePlus 2, we won’t just lift your house to build a basement, we’ll make dreams come true. We’re a full-service construction company offering the services required to move your project from conception through to completion. For more than 35 years, we’ve helped lift homes and provide viable solutions for homeowners from Manhattan to Montauk, including:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
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About the Author Thomas Marr

Offering nearly four decades of industry experience in restoration, mold remediation, and reconstruction, Thomas G. Marr is the president and CEO of ite Plus 2. He holds two certifications from the Florida Mold Institute — Certified Professional Mold Inspector and Certified Professional Mold Remediator — as well as a long list of other industry-recognized certifications. He brings brings a unique set of skills and expertise in all matters of flood, fire, and mold remediation, which has proven to be invaluable to businesses and homeowners throughout the New York area.

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