How to Choose a Contractor for the Commercial Build Out Process?
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Commercial Build Out Process

How to Choose a Contractor for the Commercial Build Out Process?

Are you looking for the best contractor to lead your commercial build out process? As a business owner, you’ll hardly ever get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s imperative to ensure every part of your building communicates the quality and integrity of your brand.

Whether you’re a leaseholder or a building owner, UpRitePlus 2 offers a vast range of commercial build out services to help you bring your brand to life. Our experienced commercial build out professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and guide you through the commercial build out process. However, not all commercial contractors are created equally. Let’s take a closer look at the commercial build out process and what you should look for in a commercial contractor.

What Are Commercial Build Outs?

Tenant improvements, leasehold improvements, or commercial build outs are the various customizations a tenant or a landlord makes to a commercial space. These customizations can include a long list of alterations, but are almost necessary for the tenant’s business to function. In most instances, the tenant allowance required to complete the improvements is negotiated prior to the tenant signing the lease and is a component of the overall commercial lease agreement.

What Is Usually Included in the Commercial Buildout Process?

Tenant improvements are almost always required in commercial spaces. It’s very rare you’ll find a space that meets your exact needs. Some of the most common elements included in the commercial build out process are:

  • Plumbing
  • Removal of existing walls
  • Demolition
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    Upgrades or changes to the building for disability accessibility
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    Construction or building new sheetrock walls
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    Installation of new flooring such as hardwood floors, carpets, or laminate
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    New blinds
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    New exposed ceiling or dropped ceiling
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    New paint
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    Plumbing and electrical
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    Heating ventilation and air condition

What Isn’t Included in the Commercial Buildout Process?

While the commercial build out process can include virtually any type of customizations you negotiate with the landlord, it will typically not include:

  • Any above standard upgrades
  • Proprietary trade fixtures
  • Building exterior signage
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    Office furniture
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    Phone cabling and data cabling

What’s the First Step in the Commercial Build Out Process?

The first step in the commercial build out process is to choose a reputable commercial contractor. Unlike a residential contractor, a commercial contractor works exclusively on projects such as corporate offices, school remodels, retail buildings, and other types of businesses or municipal entities. Based on the unique needs of your project, the commercial contractor will oversee and manage every stage of construction including:

  • Commercial build out design
  • Building permitting
  • Purchases of supplies
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    Ensuring the project adheres to building codes
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    Zoning regulations

How to Choose the Best Contractor for a Commercial Build Out?

When choosing the best commercial contractor for your commercial build out, make sure you require the contractor have the following attributes at a minimum.

Make Sure the Contractor is Licensed

One of the most essential and vital attributes to look for in a commercial contractor is the appropriate licensure. Most local jurisdictions and/or states will require contractors are licensed and have substantial insurance to cover any unexpected accidents. In addition, some jurisdictions will require the contractor has a bond as well.

Whenever you’re considering a potential commercial contractor for your commercial build out, you can request insurance verification directly from the insurance company and check online to make sure they have the necessary licenses. You should also make sure to compare the different coverages between contractors because it can significantly vary.

Understanding the Contractor Bids

After a potential contractor has reviewed the project, they will provide you with a list of estimated costs and plans, which is called a “bid”. The contractor’s bid should be very detailed. Make sure you pay attention to what’s included as well as what’s not included. If the contractor has removed an element of the commercial build out process that you deem necessary, make sure to discuss this with the contractor.

Make Sure the Contract Offers Strong Communication

A strong line of communication between you and the contractor is paramount to your project. Most importantly, you should find a contractor who is willing to adhere to your preferred method of communication.

Make sure you should think about whether you want daily meetings, monthly meetings, or weekly meetings. Would you like to meet in-person, over the phone, or are you willing to settle for email communications? Whatever you decide, it’s critical your contractor is willing to meet your communication needs.

Contact UpRitePlus 2 for Experienced Commercial Build Out Contractors

For more than 35 years, UpRitePlus 2 has been providing commercial build outs for businesses from Manhattan to Montauk. We’re proud to offer a team of commercial build out design specialists who will guide you through the entire process. In addition, we’ll help you think outside of the box to consider the features that truly make a difference.

Contact UpRitePlus 2 today to learn more about how we can help in the commercial build out process.

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