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House Lifting

Elevate the profile of your home and your family’s safety to new heights with expert house lift services from UpRite Plus 2. For more than 35 years, UpRite Plus 2 has been the premier house lifting contractor in the New York area – spanning from Manhattan to Montauk.

Regardless of where you live, our mission is to restore your peace of mind, build trust, and provide high-quality work at a reasonable price. We’ll use our experience and expertise to provide fast and reliable solutions. Throughout our extensive tenure, we’ve lifted homes throughout the New York area.

Continue reading to learn more about why a growing number of homeowners are choosing UpRite Plus 2 for house lifting services.

Reasons for Lifting Your New York Home

House raising, house jacking, and house lifting are all terms used to describe the construction process of elevating the profile of your home to help prevent or reduce flood damage. One of the primary advantages of lifting your home in a flood zone area is it can significantly reduce insurance costs and protect your investment. A few of the most common reasons homeowners choose to lift their home in the New York area includes:

  • Protecting against or retrofitting the property from flooding
  • Adding an additional story to the structure
  • Excavating a new basement
  • Repairing a deteriorating or old foundation
  • Increasing headroom and the functionality of the basement

Protect Your Home with House Raising

At UpRite Plus 2, we understand the trauma and uncertainty left from Hurricane Sandy. However, our house lifting service is one of the most cost effective ways to avoid any future potential damage. At the same time, lifting your home could help avoid mold and rot damage — especially if the basement is subject to regular flooding.  

Elevate Your Home and Build a New Level with House Jacking

Most of our customers are surprised to learn they can add a story under a lifted home. In the event you need to add a story to your home, you don’t have to waste money and time removing a perfectly built roof — not to mention remodeling the story underneath the roof.

At UpRite Plus 2, we can lift your home to a new height and simply add a new floor underneath. We can establish a new floor system on the existing foundation walls to give your family the space they need.

Expand Your Crawlspace or Basement by Lifting Your Home

Whether you have a partial crawl space, partial basement, or a basement with a low ceiling, UpRite Plus 2 can raise your home to create more space. By doing so, you can turn a previously unusable or cramped space into a more spacious family room, office, or anything else. The professionals at UpRite Plus 2 will explain all of your options and help you make the best decision based on your current and future needs.

Contact UpRite Plus 2 for House Lifting in New York Area

At UpRite Plus 2, we’ll work closely with you to carefully understand your needs and guide you to the best house lifting solution. For over 35 years, we’ve lifted homes throughout the New York area. We use our expertise to expedite the design, permitting, planning, and construction process.

From start to  finish, we will work with a engineer and architect which would be required, we’ll provide clear timelines, inform you of any noise concerns, and give real-time updates. In the rare event your timeline changes, we will clearly communicate the reasons for the change as well as quickly establish new timelines. Once we have elevated the profile of your home, our job is not done until we have completely cleaned the area.

Simply put, we are a full-service construction company with the skill, craftsmanship, and expertise to restore your peace of mind.

Contact UpRite Plus 2 today for a free house lifting consultation. 

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