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Home Renovation

Professional home renovations from UpRite Plus 2 can breathe new life into your New York home. For more than 35 years, we have helped homeowners from Manhattan to Montauk view their home in a new light. Whether you’re considering a one-room renovation, an upgrade of the exterior or interior, or a refresh of your entire home, UpRite Plus 2 offers everything you need to make your home renovation dreams your reality.

Professional Home Renovation Design

Deciding to renovate your home is a big deal! Fortunately, UpRite Plus 2 is your one-stop home renovation center. From the beginning, we’ll carefully listen to your needs, wants, and goals. By having an in-depth understanding of you and your family, our design experts will be able to identify the areas and features most likely to give you the comfort and space you desire.

Our home renovation design experts and interior designers have a keen set of eyes hyper-focused on catering to your specific preferences. Don’t have any specific preferences? We’ll work with you to help your imagination soar on the journey of making your dream home a reality.

New Kitchen and Dining Area as Part of a Home Renovation Project

Home Renovation Planning, Permitting, and Project Management

Home Renovation In-Progress

Once we design your ideal home renovation, we will take care of the planning. We bring decades of experience performing stunning home renovations throughout New York. We’ll use our expertise and experience to expedite the project, including the pulling of all required permits. To date, we’ve completed several home renovation projects and worked with the following local municipalities:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • The Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Nassau County
  • Suffolk County
  • East Hampton
  • South Hampton

After all of the permits have been pulled and we’re ready to start construction, our project managers will work to remove the headache. We employ a seasoned team of home renovation project managers and contractors who will oversee the project and make it as worry-free as possible. We’ll handle the details, so you can focus on more important matters and have a restored peace of mind.

Home Renovation Demolition & Construction

Once construction begins, UpRite Plus 2 employs the most skilled tradesmen to execute the project. Most importantly, we’ll explain our process to you, what will be done, and ask you to approve any drawings prior to work beginning. Understanding what your final home renovation will look like and what is necessary to reach that point has proven to give most of our customers an added piece of mind.

We will also make sure explain any noise level expectations, all projected timelines, and any adjustments to the initial timeline in real time. And once your brilliant home renovation is complete, UpRite Plus 2 will always leave your property clean with nothing left behind — except your remarkable new home renovation.  

Benefits of Renovating Your New York Home

  • Extending your living space – If your home feels cramped, a home renovation can offer the space you and your family deserve.
  • Improving energy efficiency – Home renovations with upgraded windows, new siding, doors, air conditioning units, and ceiling fans are the optimal ways to save on your energy bill.
  • Increasing comfort - A home renovation is the perfect way to make your home more comfortable and feel safer.
  • Bolstered property value and curb appeal – It’s crucial to view your home as a long term investment and understand how a renovation will bolster property value and curb appeal.
  • Reduced maintenance – Properly maintaining your home is an excellent way to keep it flawless and shiny. Even with regular maintenance, certain parts of your home are destined to deteriorate over time. However, a home renovation will reduce the amount required maintenance.
Heat Floors Installed in Home Renovation Project

Heat Floors Installed in Home Renovation Project

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If you can dream it, UpRite Plus 2 can build it! We bring almost four decades of experience remodeling, restoring, renovating, and elevating homes in New York; and we would love to help you find an added peace of mind.  

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