Home Renovation Checklist: How to Plan a Complete Home Remodeling Project
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Home Renovation Checklist

Home Renovation Checklist: How to Plan a Complete Home Remodeling Project

Congratulations on deciding to renovate your home. Your home renovation or home remodeling project can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets or as complex as transforming your basement into a home theatre. Regardless of your goals and your ambitions, the experts at UpRitePlus2  can help.

We offer decades of experience helping homeowners throughout the Long Island area create stylish and functional home renovations. From start to finish, we'll guide you through the entire process — adding a welcomed peace of mind along the way. Continue reading for our must-know home renovation checklist.  

Hire The Right Professionals

Simply put, your home renovation or home remodeling project will be as good as your contractor. This means it's vital to hire the right professionals! Before letting any contractor and into your home, make sure you've done your due diligence. It's a great idea to check out online reviews to read the experiences of other homeowners. It's also critical the contractor you hire has the appropriate licenses, permits, and insurances.  

Know What's Important to You

When you realistically look at your home renovation, you may not always be able to get everything done on your list. It may either be your budget or schedule may not accommodate all of the things that you want to get done. This is why it is important to create a list of priorities. With a strong list of priorities, you will be able to get the most important things done, such as a beautiful kitchen remodel, before you run out of time or money.

Have A Budget And Stick To It

There is nothing quite like going over budget on a home renovation. You will start to get easily frustrated when there is still drywall to be hung and you are all out of funds. Before begin with the project, it's best to create a budget.

It's always a great idea to discuss your budget with the contractor, so everyone is on the same page. If your contractor has a problem staying within the budget or is unable to perform the desired renovations, you should either find a new contractor or take another look at your renovation expectations.

Set Realistic and Solid Goals

If you're looking to do too much in a small amount of time, it is going to be difficult to feel successful in your home renovation. It will also be difficult for you to get on the same page with your contractor. It's best to sit down with your contractor and lay out realistic and mutually-agreeable goals that everyone can work toward. In most instances, an experienced contractor will take the lead on goal setting.

For instance, you contractor could provide clear timelines for the completion of certain tasks, like demolition. With the project goals laid out in a feasible timeline, you'll always know whether your home renovation is on schedule or going off the rails.  

Research Before You Start Renovating

Whether you're looking for a open and fresh bathroom remodel or looking to create a new vibrant basement, you have no shortage of online resources for inspiration. It's a great idea to take time to learn more about your particular home remodel project as well as finished projects you like.

When you have more knowledge about home renovations, you will be able to make much more educated decisions with the contractors working on your home. This way, you can be in the driver's seat as much as possible throughout.

Choose a Contractor Who Can Work Around Your Daily Routines

Everyone has their own unique daily routine. You may run a business out of your home and need a few quiet hours to talk to your clients on the phone. You may have a unique time that you wake up and wouldn't want to be startled awake by the sounds of construction.

This is why it is important to hire a contractor who is willing to work with you around your daily routine. Make sure you communicate any unique needs you have prior to starting the home remodel, which will ensure everyone is on the same page.

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While a home renovation can appear to be overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. The experts at UpRitePlus2 offer decades of experience helping homeowners successfully navigate the home renovation process.

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