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Your home is only as solid as the foundation it’s built upon, and the expert contractors at UpRite Plus 2 bring decades of experience laying solid foundations. The foundation is designed to transfer loads of the structure to the earth; while resisting loads imposed by the earth.

Residential foundations typically include a wall, footing, pier, slab, pile, or some combination of these components. Some of the most common types of foundations we install at UpRite Plus 2 include:

  • Basement
  • Crawlspace
  • Monolithic slab
  • Slab-on-grade with stem wall
  • Pliers
  • Piles, and
  • Other alternative slab methods
Concrete Foundation
Concrete Foundation

Crawl Space Foundations

Crawl space foundations utilize a perimeter foundation wall to create an inhabitable under-floor space. Your interior crawl space can be situated below the exterior finish grade. Common in the Long Island area, basements are defined as a part of your home that is completely or partially below the exterior grade. The basement can be used as storage space or as habitable space.

Poured Concrete/Concrete Slab Foundation

Undoubtedly, poured concrete foundations are the most common types of residential foundations. Just as the name suggests, a concrete slab foundation is a level mat of concrete poured a few inches thick. This type of foundation has deeper beams situated around the edge, which is typically positioned on a bed of gravel for drainage facilitation.

Pouring a concrete slab foundation is straightforward and fast. In addition, the poured concrete slab foundation works excellently in areas that are not prone to deep winter freezes. Most concrete slabs will feature steel reinforcements as an additional layer of strength.

Monolithic Slab Foundation

A thickened-edge slab or monolithic slab has an integral footing and is a ground-supported slab on grade. Monolithic slab foundations are typically seen in warmer regions that experience no frost or very little.

Frost-Resistant Foundation

In the New York and Long Island area with colder climates, UpRite Plus 2 can take extra steps to protect your foundation from extreme temperatures. We can add concrete footings to a standard slab foundation that will allow it to extend past frost penetration limits.

Frost-protected shallow foundation is an alternative system where insulated concrete is utilized to form a slab foundation with frost-resistant properties. These types of foundations are usually seen in the Nordic areas, such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Slab-on-Grade with an Independent Stem Wall Foundation

This type of foundation is essentially a concrete floor that is supported by the solid independent of the rest of the structure. The stem wall provides support for the loads of the buildings — and is directly supported by a footing or the soil.

Raised Foundations

In Long Island areas and other coastal regions prone to flooding, raised foundations are the proven, go-to solution. These foundations are excellent at providing the support your home needs as well as moisture resistance. Our raised foundations can be classified as one of two different types:

With both types of raised systems, the foundation rests on piers deeply rooted or anchored in the soil. The pier-and-beam foundation has individual footings created with masonry to handle the load of your home. In contrast, a stem wall raised foundation has a continuous masonry chain wall to fulfill this role.

  • Stem wall raised foundations
  • Pier-and-beam raised foundations

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Whether you need foundation repair or need the construction of a new foundation, UpRite Plus 2 will give you and added peace of mind.

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