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Flood Remediation & Flood Damage Restoration

Although water is essential to life as we know it, uncontrolled water or flood damage can be devastating. It's actually one of the most common and destructive problems homeowners face. If you do not immediately take care of the water, it can lead to electrical problems, damage the furnishings and structure of your property, and cause the growth of mold.

Did you know that mold and mildew will start to form within 24 to 48 hours of exposure to any water? Once mold and mildew starts to grow, it will continue to flourish until the actual source of the moisture is properly dealt with. Some of the most common causes of flood damage, include:

  • Backed up septic tank lines and sewage
  • Overflowing toilets, bathtubs and sinks
  • Frozen or leaking water lines and pipes
  • Heavy storms or rains
  • Dishwasher overflow or washing machine overflow
  • Cresting streams or rivers
  • Ice Damming on the roof
  • Roof Leaks
  • Air conditioning drain lines

And in the face of your home being damaged by water, we are here. For over 35 years, UpRite Plus 2 has helped homeowners and business owners throughout the New York area — ranging from Manhattan to Montauk. Our 24/7/365 rapid flood response team will arrive at your home or place of business ready to deliver a full array of services to restore your property.

Why Is Fast Flood Damage and Remediation Services Required?

We offer around-the-clock flood damage and remediation services to help avoid further damage. Whenever your home has flood or water damage, it’s vital to contact us as soon as possible, because:

  • It only takes minutes for the water damage to spread to other parts of your home.
  • Within hours, your drywall will begin to swell and disintegrate, which will cause bacterial order to spread throughout your house. In addition, the metal surfaces can start to tarnish.
  • If you wait days, the water damage can cause significant damage and complications resulting in disruption and costly repairs.

Don’t wait! It’s imperative to contact UpRite Plus 2 as soon as possible. Our rapid response flood damage and remediation team will arrive at your home or business any time of day or night to quickly begin our proprietary process to protect your structure from further damage.

Understanding the Categories and Classes of Flood Damage

Categories of Water Damage

  1. Category 1 water damage is typically from a clean water source, such as broken pipes or toilet tanks. If Category 1 water damage is left unattended for too long it can degrade into a Category 2 or 3.
  2. Category 2 water damage is typically from “grey water,” which explains water containing detergents from dishwashers and washing machines. Category 2 water can also include water with urine, resulting from toilet overflows
  3. Category 3 water damage is made up of entirely unsanitary water (Black Water) that can cause disease, illness or death. Category 3 water is from river flooding, sewage, as well as standing water — where bacteria and other microbes have begun to form.

Classes of Water Damage

  1. Class 1 water damage explains when a part of a room has only absorbed a little moisture. This is the least level of damage.
  2. Class 2 water damage explains when an entire room, the walls, and carpets have absorbed water.
  3. Class 3 water damage explains when the water has saturated the majority of the area, been absorbed into the walls, and may have even come through the ceiling. Class 3 water damage is typically considered the worst type.
  4. Class 4 water damage is when materials like concrete, stone, and hardwood are drenched. Class 4 water damage requires specialty drying because of the extensive damage done.

Regardless of the category or class of water damage your property has sustained, the rapid response team at UpRite Plus 2 is here to help. We’ll work with your insurance company to manage billing, and we provide a comprehensive array of services to get you and your property back to pre-flood condition.

UpRite Plus 2 Flood Damage Remediation Services

After making a single call to UpRite Plus 2, we will arrive at your home ready to provide a solution. While everyone’s flood and water damage may be differently, our remediation services typically include:

  • Thorough assessment of the water or flood damage
  • Removal of the water through expert water extraction techniques
  • Drying of all areas affected by the water, including padding, carpet, walls, and furniture
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions, such as books, linens, clothes, and documents
  • Remediation of mildew and any mold damage
  • Finding and correcting the source of the leaking water
  • Storm damage repair and reconstruction services ranging from minor repairs to more extensive services, including the rebuilding of rooms or entire areas of the structure.

If applicable, we'll work with your insurance company and provide expert assistance, so you can get back to managing more important things — like your family or your business.  

Flood Damage and Remediation Equipment

At UpRite Plus 2, we pride ourselves in being highly trained and utilizing cutting-edge equipment, including:

  • Infrared cameras are commonly used to detect moisture hidden in ceilings, floors, and walls. We will carefully document and plot this in-depth imaging tool to determine the areas that may require additional water damage remediation.
  • Moisture meters are used to determine the moisture content hidden in your drywalls, wood, subflooring, and other building materials. This integral piece of equipment helps us know focus our efforts on the areas impacted by the moisture.
  • Air movers are designed to quickly move large volumes of air throughout the flooded areas. These powerful pieces of equipment promote the fast drying of the surfaces in the structure while providing excellent air circulation throughout the whole space. We use air movers of different sizes, ranging from smaller models to larger models.
  • Air Scrubbers are designed to remove unpleasant odors as well as other particles from the air. In most instances, we use air scrubbers for fire damage remediation for lingering smoke smells. However, our air scrubbers are also excellent for removing unpleasant smells associated with the presence of mildew and water damage.
    • Dry air scrubbers utilize an ionic purifier, while
    • Wet air scrubbers include a wet filter that removes airborne particles by trapping them.
  • Dehumidifiers are portable pieces of equipment designed to get rid of any excess moisture in the air that can contribute to the growth of mildew and mold. We offer both non-ionizing and ionizing dehumidifiers to ensure your property is safe for habitation.

In addition to air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers, we also use additional equipment based on the needs of your property.

Can Everything Be Saved?

Although we bring decades of experience restoring homes and businesses following extensive water damage or floods, everything can’t always be saved. Fortunately, we’ll work directly with your insurance company to help you file claims and quickly restore your property to pre-flood condition. However, some of the most common items that may need to be replaced include:

  • Drapes and curtains
  • Floors and walls
  • Clothing and upholstery
  • Ductwork
  • Shelves
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

Contact UpRite Plus 2 for Flood Remediation Services

At UpRite Plus 2, we bring more than 35 years of experience restoring businesses and residential properties following any type of water damage or flood damage. We take an infinite amount of pride in our ability to provide fast, reliable, and trustworthy solutions. We are the premier flood remediation and restoration company in the New York area — ranging from Manhattan to Montauk.

If your home or business has suffered flood damage, UpRite Plus 2 can get it back up right in no time. Contact us today.

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