These 4 Fantastic Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas Will Inspire Your New Remodel
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Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

These 4 Fantastic Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas Will Inspire Your New Remodel

Looking for inspirational dormer loft conversion ideas to inspire your remodel? UpRitePlus2 can help. A dormer loft is essentially a vertical extension constructed off the sloping side of the existing roof. One or more windows are fitted allowing for additional lighting and ventilation.

The extension immediately creates more head and floor space and increases the market value of your home. The flat, hipped, shed, and gabled dormer lofts are most common because they are easier to construct and offer larger space. They are also relatively inexpensive remodels compared to finishing the basement or constructing a horizontal living space across the land.

A dormer loft screams of potential which can make it a tad bit challenging on deciding how to remodel the space. Nonetheless, these stunningly creative and stylish 4 popular remodel ideas will inspire you to design and create a functional room as you kickstart the project planning.

The Larger Master Bedroom Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

Your home or land may not have enough square footage to accommodate that spacious master bedroom you've been dreaming of. The dormer loft offers an opportunity to achieve this. With its angled walls and unusually shaped nooks, you can transform the area into a charming and cozy bedroom.

A queen or king size bed can be tucked under the sloping roof, accompanied by a dresser, wardrobe, and a pair of nightstands. The softness of plush wall-to-wall carpet can greet your feet at the top of the stairs as you enter into a room with light-colored, painted ceilings and walls. Accentuated by the soft glow of recessed ceiling lights and fluffy pillows the mood is set for a restful night.

Home Office Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

Working from home is quickly becoming the new normal for those trying to avoid the daily commute or needing to care for family while still making the cha ching! Turning your dormer loft into a stylish and cozy office gives you a separate and quiet room to focus and increase productivity.

Consider using skylight and functional dormer windows to stream plenty of natural light into the office for reading, writing, or typing on the computer. You'll have enough space to house an office desk, arm chair, filing cabinet, and even a bookshelf. Down below, an elegant spiral staircase can lead up to a contemporary office with laminated floors. Talk about being the envy of those stuck in a dreary office at work.

Dream Bathroom Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

Taking a bath in sheer privacy while viewing the clouds or stars through the skylight is a tantalizing idea if you're considering transforming the dormer loft into an extra bathroom. Depending on the square footage, it could be a mere wet room, a shower only, bath only, or a shower and bath combo.

The combo may be more suitable if you're planning on using it as a family bathroom. Even if it's not a huge bathroom, you can work the space and add your personal touches to give it a fabulous finish. A dormer bathroom can be flooded with natural and artificial lights to bring out the shine of a luxurious bathtub and the color scheme of tiles and painted walls. Adequate ventilation and waterproof floors to flood damage and mold damage, however, important factors to bear in mind.

Kids Play Space Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

Parents are always looking for extra space for a growing family. Remodeling the dormer loft into a kids playroom may be an ingenious idea for shifting the yelling and banging of toys to a separate place of the home. Large and small toys can be organized and stored in cabinets or bins designed for this purpose.

A desk, chalkboard wall, and bookshelf can be zoned to another area of the room. A daybed can be tucked neatly under the pitched roof for tired kids needing a quick nap. With brightly-colored paint or bold print wallpaper, you can  transform this play area into something magical for your kids. Deep thought should go into constructing a stairway that is safe and child-friendly. Otherwise, you can save this dormer conversion idea for when the kids are older.

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