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Home Remodel

When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Home Remodel in New York?

Are you wondering “When is the best time to schedule a home remodel in New York?” While every homeowner’s needs will vary, it’s best to plan for construction well before your contractors enter the peak season. By getting ahead of the curve and getting early quotes, you can all but guarantee your home remodeling project […]

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Prevent Mold

Prevent Mold with Proper Flood Water Cleanup Tips Used by the Pros

After a flood, the most important step you can take is to contact UpRite Plus 2 to prevent mold with proper flood water cleanup. In fact, if you don’t take the proper flood water cleanup steps, mold can begin growing in as little as a day or two. As a result, it’s imperative to contact […]

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Water Damage Restoration

What to Look for in a Water Damage Restoration Company

So your business or home has suffered damage from a flood or water — do you know what to look for in a damage restoration company? While many companies may offer water damage restoration, not all companies are created equally.  In fact, the water damage restoration company you choose is directly related to the water […]

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Oil Burner Puffbacks

All About Oil Burner Puffbacks_ Possible Causes, Prevention & How to Clean

Whether you have gas furnace or oil furnace or boiler, oil burner puffbacks can and do happen! The puffback occurs whenever your boiler or furnace fails to ignite properly and allows gas vapors or oil vapors to build inside of the combustion/ignition chamber. Once the system finally ignites, all of the additional fuel in the […]

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Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Stay Cool & Learn How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Knowing how to prevent pipes from freezing during the winter seasons reduces the risk of burst pipes, water damage to your property, and expensive plumbing repairs or replacement. Not to mention the inconvenience of not having running water in your home to cook, wash, and take showers. In addition, burst pipes are often one of […]

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Burst Pipe Cleanup

Burst Pipe Cleanup: Do This to Minimize Water Damage After a Pipe Burst

Owning a home in New York and the surrounding Northeast area comes with plenty of responsibilities, including knowing the immediate steps to take for burst pipe cleanup. In short, the immediate steps involved in the burst pipe cleanup process include: Immediately turn off the main water to your home or businessContact UpRite Plus 2 for […]

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Finished Basement Ideas

6 Finished Basement Ideas That Will Add Massive Value to Your Home

A finished basement is a living space below ground level and can be designed and constructed to provide the levels of comfort like any other area of your home. With an endless array of possibilities, it’s up to you choose the best finished basement idea that will add value to your life.  Whether it is […]

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Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas

These 4 Fantastic Dormer Loft Conversion Ideas Will Inspire Your New Remodel

Looking for inspirational dormer loft conversion ideas to inspire your remodel? UpRitePlus2 can help. A dormer loft is essentially a vertical extension constructed off the sloping side of the existing roof. One or more windows are fitted allowing for additional lighting and ventilation.  The extension immediately creates more head and floor space and increases the […]

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Different Types of Dormers

The Different Types of Dormers & Which Style Is Right for Your Home

Whether your home is a colonial, beach home, or ranch; there are a number of different types of dormers designed to make your home look its best. A dormer is like a point of interest on your roof, and depending on how it’s constructed, it can add elegance to the architecture of your home.  The […]

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Home Renovation Checklist

Home Renovation Checklist: How to Plan a Complete Home Remodeling Project

Congratulations on deciding to renovate your home. Your home renovation or home remodeling project can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets or as complex as transforming your basement into a home theatre. Regardless of your goals and your ambitions, the experts at UpRitePlus2  can help.  We offer decades […]

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