When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Home Remodel in New York?
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When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Home Remodel in New York?

Are you wondering "When is the best time to schedule a home remodel in New York?" While every homeowner's needs will vary, it's best to plan for construction well before your contractors enter the peak season. By getting ahead of the curve and getting early quotes, you can all but guarantee your home remodeling project will closely follow the timeline and complete on time.

UpRite Plus 2 is the premier team of contractors in the Long Island area. We offer a full range of different  construction services and the expertise to move your project from conception through to completion. We encourage all of our customers to get ahead of the curve by requesting early home remodeling quotes before April to avoid delays. Continue reading to learn more about when the best time to schedule a home remodel in New York.

Start Planning Early and Get Early Quotes before Peak Season

Did you know the most popular time to remodel your house is during the peak period from May through September? If you're considering a remodel or home renovation, it's best to plan and get quotes well before construction companies become busy in the peak season.

Peak seasons is the busiest for several reasons, particularly because the nice weather makes it easier to quickly finish projects. Instead of waiting to get quotes during peak season when contractors are the busiest, it makes dollars and sense to get quotes now — before peak season! Even if you're not planning to start the remodeling project until months later, you may be able to save thousands by scheduling a consultation with UpRite Plus 2.

Get Construction and Remodel Quotes during the Off Season

Offseason is the period of time when contractors are less busy, such as January through April. The offseason period — like now — is an excellent time to get quotes and schedule remodeling work on your home. You can usually get significant discounts during the offseason months because materials may be cheaper and contractors have less work.

One of the biggest downsides to scheduling remodeling projects for the exterior of your home  — like creating extensions and dormers — during the offseason is the unpredictability of the weather, which can significantly impact the completion of your renovation. During the January through April period in New York, we may have snow one day, rain the next, followed by excellent weather for shorts the next.

The experts at UpRite Plus 2 will work closely with you to create a production calendar and stick to it. If there are changes due to production calendar due to the weather, we'll make sure we communicate the ramifications with you. Our contractors are skilled at quickly examining how the total project may change due to one or two days of scheduled work. In many instances, when the weather prevents progress on the exterior element of a construction project, our contractors will use those days to perform any necessary interior work, such as:

Getting Remodeling & Renovation Quotes in the Low Season

While the off season may be slower than the peak season, the low season is the contractor's slowest time. This season is usually highlighted by New York's extreme winters, random snow storms, and rainstorms that cause projects to take much longer to complete. As you can imagine, the benefit of getting quotes and planning remodels — like finishing your basement — during the low season is you can recieve an even deeper discount.

Contractors are typically able to perform work for less during the low season because demand is slower and the price of materials is usually at its lowest. Scheduling a remodel during the low season is an excellent idea for homeowners who are willing to take their time with a project and do not mind delays caused by bad weather.

When Is the Best Time to Remodel My Home in New York?

Like everything else in life, determining the best time to remodel your home is based on you and your family's needs and preferences. In summary:

  • If you're impatient and not tolerant of delays, hiring a contractor during the low season may not be the best idea because the likelihood of delays is high.
  • If you're looking to potentially save money with the moderate possibility of delays, the best time to request quotes and plan a remodel is during the off season, which is in the January through April period.
  • Planning a remodel during the peak season (May through September) will increase the chances of your project finishing quickly in excellent weather conditions. However, this period is the most competitive time of the year for remodels, which may drive costs up.

Avoid Delays & Contact UpRite Plus 2

While everyone has different needs, project timelines, and budgets, the expert at UpRite Plus 2 will work closely with you to ensure we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We'll use our decades of experience to expeditiously complete your home remodel and provide a highly competitive quote for the desired work.

Contact UpRite Plus 2 today to get ahead of the curve and schedule your remodel project at a highly competitive price.   

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