Tips for Choosing the Best Pool House Plan Ideas
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Pool House Plan Ideas

Tips for Choosing the Best Pool House Plan Ideas

If you already have a pool or are thinking about adding one to your backyard oasis, it’s vital to personalize your space with the right pool house plan ideas. A pool house isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity! This highly versatile and flexible space will add the perfect aesthetic appeal to your backyard as well as perform a vast range of functions.

The right pool house plan idea can serve as a lounge area, guest bedroom, entertainment area, backyard retreat, as well as the obvious pool dressing room.However, not all pool house plan ideas are created equally.

At UpRitePlus 2, we’ll work closely with you to gain an in depth understanding of your needs and goals. Then, we’ll suggest different pool house plan ideas to accomplish your unique goals for the space. In the meantime, continue reading to learn a few tips for choosing the best pool house plan ideas.

Create a Seamless Experience with Pool House Plan Ideas

If you’re looking for a seamless experience — from your home to the pool and to the pool house — we can help you create a structure similar to your main house. Our experienced pool house designers will work closely with you to make sure your pool house complements the main house sharing either core architectural elements or minor exterior elements. While your pool house plans do not have to mirror your primary house, most pool homes will carry through common themes.

Make Sure Your Pool House Plan Ideas Address Your Needs

How do you plan on using your pool house? Are you looking to use it to store various pool equipment, towels, floats, etc.? Or would you like to create a versatile space that can house relatives from time to time? In any case, you should always consider your needs for your pool house.

Your pool house plan ideas can include virtually any element you can imagine. While the most basic features of any pool house will include a changing room and storage area, your pool house can feature a bathroom, bedroom, dining area, and much more. You can even include a kitchen, outdoor kitchen space, shower, entertainment room, bar, and the list goes on. Whatever you decide for your pool house, it’s important your pool house plan is centered on the features you and your family will use.

Include Privacy in Your Pool House Plan Ideas

Regardless of how you intend on the pool house to be used, you can almost rest assured it will be a space for guests to change into their swimsuits. To make the changing guests feel more comfortable and to offer them a bit of privacy, make sure to consider the orientation of your pool house.

It’s best to orient your pool house in a way that’s as private as possible. You can bolster privacy for the entire pool house or certain areas by include privacy elements, such as frosted windows, privacy screens, etched windows, privacy walls, or the good-old shades.  

Outdoor Living & Pool House Plan Ideas

So, let’s say you’ve planned an amazing pool party for your 10-year-old son. He’s raved about his pool party for at least the last two months and invited all of his closest (and not-so-close) friends. Unfortunately, non-stop torrential rain begins to fall 45 minutes into the party.

Whether you’re planning on entertaining outdoors regularly or on rare occasions, it makes ample sense for your pool house plan ideas to incorporate covered outdoor space. In addition to avoiding epic planned event failures, the covered area will provide much-needed relief from the intensity of the summer sun on any given day. When you add in a one or a few ceiling fans and outdoor storage, your pool house can help you enjoy your own backyard paradise — regardless of the weather.  

Get the Most with Guest Quarters & Kitchen

Whether your kids have sleepovers or you have family regularly visiting from out of town, your pool house is an excellent place to accommodate those special needs. You can add a second story or loft onto your new or existing pool house to make sure you have the space, so everyone can stretch out and have privacy.

Contact UpRitePlus 2 for the Latest Pool House Plan Ideas

At UpRitePlus 2, we’ll help you think through your current and future needs. Our experienced pool house designers will walk you through your endless array of design and style options to maximize your investment.

Prior to beginning any construction, the pool house construction experts at UpRitePlus 2 will always ensure the design, location, and size of your pool house is within local requirements. This simple step can save you time, money, and expedite the construction of your dream pool home.

Contact UpRitePlus 2 to learn why residents throughout Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Suffolk County, South & East Hampton, and Nassau County have trusted us for more than 35 years.

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