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One of the biggest threats to a healthy environment at home is mold growth as it can often go undetected. Up-Rite Plus has been providing mold removal for Long Island residents in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties for over 25 years. When we are on site for a toxic mold remediation project we use the latest technology in the mold removal industry for both commercial and residential building structures. We are committed to providing our customers with knowledgeable and dependable service. Up Rite Plus is the obvious choice for mold removal in Nassau and Suffolk. We are dedicated to offering you peace of mind in knowing that our mold removal services are aimed at protecting your health and the health of your family.

Mold is a natural entity and mold spores are a very common element in the home or office. Mold spores that are present in large quantities can pose a variety of health problems and risks to both humans and animals. It is extremely important to have any mold in your home removed because it can cause allergies and in some cases very severe health problems. Mold allergy symptoms include watery and itchy eyes, chronic cough, migraines, headaches, rashes, sneezing and sometimes even difficulty with breathing.  You can be exposed to mold by inhaling spores, having skin contact with a moldy item or eating without thoroughly washing your hands after handling a moldy object.

Some of the most common types of mold and the health issues associated with them:

Aspergillus – This is an allergenic mold that is most commonly found on food and in air conditioning units. Many people may be resistant to falling ill after breathing in this type of mold, but individuals with a weak immune system or lung disease are at higher risk of developing health problems from exposure.

Cladosporium  -This type of mold grows on the back of toilets, painted surfaces and fiberglass air ducts. Although this mold is non-toxic, it can trigger discomforting allergy symptoms such as red, itchy and watery eyes, rashes and a sore throat.

Stachybotrysatra – This type of mold is also known as black mold.  The health effects from black mold can be quite dangerous. An allergic reaction to the black mold spores can compound other reactions and symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and bleeding in the lungs and nose.

Mold usually lurks in areas that do not have proper ventilation such as dark, damp and steamy areas and often goes undetected.  Some of the most common areas in a home or office where mold spores grow are:

Storage areas filled with clutter
Flood prone areas
Exterior walls
Plumbing spaces (under sinks, cabinets)

Mold can be difficult to eliminate on your own as it is very tolerant to temperature and humidity makes it thrive.  A common misconception about mold removal is that bleaching the mold or using other household cleaners will “kill” the problem. Painting over mold will not solve the issue either. These quick fixes can make the mold problem even worse by creating a cross-contamination effect.

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In order to remove the mold permanently, it is imperative to find the source of the moisture, otherwise the mold growth will continue. At Up-Rite Plus, our mold removal technicians are certified and have the experience to safely and efficiently eradicate mold spores. Reducing moisture levels where the mold spores are growing is extremely important or the mold will keep coming back. Any materials that are found in the moldy areas should also be removed as they are most likely contaminated and can pose a recurring mold growth problem.  Our mold removal and remediation services all follow in accordance with New York State and New York City Department of Health guidelines.

We come fully prepared to eliminate the problem and execute the mold removal/remediation.  We are extremely careful and diligent about not cross contaminating. Our negative air machines, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers are consistently running during the process. Our Long Island technicians are always dressed in full protective gear and we do complete laboratory clearance testing beforehand as a final control to ensure we have made a full recovery for a healthy environment and that the mold removal was successful.

We use the most cutting edge methods in the industry. Customer service is our number one priority and all of our mold assessments are free.

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