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Flood Remediation

Longisland flood remediation services
Flood Damage? All major insurance carriers accepted. UpRite Plus should be your first call!
24 Hour / 7 Day A Week Service
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In one recent flood emergency call, Up-Rite Plus responded the same day to find significant moisture throughout the building. Our service crews responded immediately to perform emergency cleaning and to reduce the excessive humidity, which limited any further damage to their buildings contents.

Our flood remediation services include:

  •   Water extraction
  •   Speed drying
  •   De-humidification
  •   Interior wall drying
  •   Mold treatments
  •   Storage facilities
  •   Structural drying
  •   Upholstery cleaning
  •   Carpet cleaning
  •   Sanitizing and deodorizing

We will determine the extent of water/moisture/higher humidity penetration in all suspected surfaces by using our moisture detectors and other instruments. We use the latest technology and thermoimaging to detect water and moisture behind sheetrock so we do not have to cause unnecessary damage.

We work with dry cleaning services to take care of your personal items and we salvage whatever we can. We clean, disinfect, bubble wrap, box, label, and store all salvageable contents. We catalogue everything, including items that will be thrown away.

Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, Up-Rite Plus is a full service remediation company that can handle the entire job from top to bottom including structural repair, personal content restoration, deodorizing and final cleanup.

Contact Up-Rite Plus to ensure that your flood damage is restored properly and completely from the start.